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Wooden Four Letter Name Train With Engine & Caboose
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14 inches
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Brio and Thomas compatible, the Letter Train makes a perfect personalized gift! The cars connect with simple and safe magnets and are made in Vermont from New England rock maple and have a non-toxic finish. The run-resistant color stain allows the wood grain to show through, and the possible letter colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, which we will choose for you depending on what looks best and availability. These trains won the Dr. Toys "Best Classic Toys" of 2003 and are a fun learning tool for children. You can combine the letter trains with the other accessory vehicles that we sell, and we also carry the wooden tracks, bridges, and buildings from the Name Train collection. All NameTrain and track items are also compatible with similar wooden track systems of other companies. Each letter is approximately 2.5" long. For ages three and up.
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Wooden Track For Four Letter Name Train (Track ONLY)
Also from Maple Landmark, two 8 inch pieces of straight wooden train track - long enough to display a four letter name train with engine and caboose and for an added cost ($4.29), you can also have wall mounts for the train to be attached to a wall for display.
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