Honey Be & Me
baby / toddler crew jackets
Honey Bee & Me
Honey Bee & Me Furry Baby / Toddler Crew Jacket
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Gorgeously soft to the touch, these hand-knit furry unisex zip-up crew coats bring true originality to any outfit. Here is what one reviewer had to say about the Honey Bee & Me line: "No one is going to think Erdogan's Technicolor fur coats are anything but faux, and that's why they're such fun...Courtney Love meets Pooh Bear...rockin' yet cuddly ..." -Tina Barry at JamesGirone.com. We have chosen the colors to match Zutano's palette, so you can mix the two lines with confidence. Unlined and made of cotton and acrylic, they are machine washable and maintain their shine and color magnificently. They do tend to run small, so you might consider going up one size.
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Honey Bee & Me
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