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baby hip hoppy rattle
stuffed animals
Zutano's Baby Hip Hoppy Bunny Rattle
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Baby Hip Hoppy Plush Rattle by Zutano, like his/her older sibling Hip Hoppy, is sewn from Zutano's sherpa fleece. Baby Hip Hoppy Rattles arrive to us in a wide variety of different Zutano diaper covers and we randomly select your bunny rattle from the group. You can, however, tell us if you want a girl (with pink and/or flowers in the diaper cover print) or boy (no pink or flowers in the diaper cover print). Sure to be treasured as a newborn companion, these bunny rattles are 6" high from head to toe. Because of their unique nature, unless they are defective, Baby Hip Hoppy Rattles are not returnable or exchangeable.
NOTE:  Baby Hip Hoppy comes in
many  different diaper cover prints
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