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Zutano Itzy Bitzy - Cotton Newborn Dress & Leggings Set
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The 100% cotton interlock Long Sleeved Dress & Leggings Sets by Zutano are perfect for both formal and informal occasions. The Zutano Itzy Bitzy Collections were designed for babies in their first few months of life when other baby clothes are often too big (Newborn/ 5-8 lbs and 1-3mths/ 9-13 lbs). This is an important time for visitors and photographs - just the time when baby should look his/her best - and most comfortable! In addition, while not designed for Preemies, they are perfect for them since they take even longer to fit into standard baby sizes. Zutano is the industry leader in fun and comfort, and believes that the versatility and innovative quality of their line of baby/toddler clothes will help parents to celebrate the individuality of their own child. This is the fun of dressing your baby or toddler in the Zutano way!
Itzy Bitzy Newborn
-Sleeved Body Wrap
Itzy Bitzy Newborn Dress
Itzy Bitzy Newborn Cap
Itzy Bitzy Kimono Tops
Itzy Bitzy Leggings
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