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Maple Landmark was founded in the 1970's by Michael Rainville in his parents' basement,
in Lincoln, Vermont. What began as an after-school and summertime hobby soon turned
into a business making spool holders, cribbage boards, and wooden vehicles. He began
by selling at local fairs and consignment shops with the first wholesale sales coming in
1979. After graduating Clarkson University in 1984, Mike went to work constructing a new
woodshop of ample size for his now full-time business, now known as Maple Landmark

The choice "Maple Landmark" as the name for the business was a natural extension of
the name Mike's family used for their maple sugaring business and farm, Maple
Landmark Homestead. His grandfather has been making maple syrup for over 65 years.

In 1987, Mike acquired the Troll's Toy Workshop, formerly of Barnet, VT. This addition
brought in many products based on the alphabet including letter cars, blocks, and signage
letters. The company quickly went from Mike plus some part-time help to several full-time

The product line grew and evolved over the coming years, adding items like trivets,
ornaments, and Name Trains. In 1993, after many requests from retailers, the Name Train
concept was spun off into a new line that was compatible with the many wooden track
systems available. In 1994, a colored version was added.

Growth from these new products had Mike's building bursting at the seams by late 1994. It
was decided to move the business down out of the mountains to a location suitable for
continued growth. A new building was built in Middlebury, VT and occupied on March 1,
1996. A store was included so people can stop by, see what we do and buy items to take
with them.

In 1997, Maple Landmark acquired the Vermont Wooden Game Company which adds
mancala and other games to the line. Also we have added printing and engraving
processes to add greater detail and custom capabilities to our line.

Growth once again caught up to us and in early 1999 we constructed a substantial
addition onto our Middlebury facility. Just as it was being completed, we had the
opportunity to acquire Vermont Country Blocks, a small producer of country, decorative
items with a growing customer base.

In 2001, Montgomery Schoolhouse, another long established Vermont producer wooden
toys, joined the Maple Landmark family. Operations have been consolidated in Middlebury.
 Currently Maple Landmark employs nearly 40 people and sells product to over 3000 gift
shops and toy stores throughout the country and abroad.

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