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Tips for making interesting track layouts from Maple Landmark

It takes eight curved pieces (either eight regular or eight small curves--no
mixing) to make a simple circle. For more complex designs you will need some
combination of eight curved sections to complete any loop.
Straight track comes in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 inch sections. The straight part of the
switch equals a 6 inch section (and the curve part equals a large curve). The
bridge riser track runs 10 inches in length. The covered bridge is 6 inches and
the suspension bridge is 12 inches long. Both wavy and puddlejumper track are
equivalent to an 8 inch straight track.
Small curves make tighter circles (10 inch diameter vs. 17 inch diameter) which
can allow for more layout in a smaller space. In some cases smooth action of
long trains may be compromised.
All parts other than straights are grooved on both sides to allow for right- or
left-handed corners. Our puddlejumpers can be flipped over to create a dip on
elevated track.
Short adapters (+/+ or -/-) help to complete the loop on complicated layouts.
Extra bridge supports are available to run sections of elevated track.
See our Railblox to expand the possibilities in ways never before seen.

A few words on compatibility

Our track is compatible with the track by several other companies. This does not
mean that parts are identical in dimension. You should always expect the parts
to connect and for cars to roll freely from one brand to another. However and for
many reasons, lengths and risers may vary from brand to brand. There is no
absolute standard, often the differences are to accommodate specific unique
accessories, different philosophies in layout design, or different production

NameTrain bridge tracks rise higher than some others to allow our letter cars to
pass under. Tunnels from other companies are now sometimes taller and can
accommodate the higher cars. We also believe in adjusting designs if the result
means a substantial savings in production cost that we can pass along to you.
Our crossover was an example of an adjusted design that lost no functionality -
a design that has now been copied by other companies.

No matter what, kids love putting things together, trial and error and making
things fit in all sorts of strange ways.

As we always say - the fun is in the construction!
train track and bridges
switch pair
crossover track
parallel crossover track
ramp pair
T -wye track
bridge support
puddle jumper track
wavy track
2" straight track
4" straight track
6" straight track
8" straight track
12" straight track
8" reversing arch bridge
6" covered bridge
12" suspension bridge
8" trestle bridge
curve track
short wye track
small curve track
adapter pair
bridge track sets
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