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1785 Coits Pond Road - Cabot, Vermont 05647 - U.S.A.

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How does a new baby change the lives of two successful artists living in
New York City? For designer & art director Uli and professional
photographer Michael Belenky, the birth of their first child fostered a
wholly new sense of artistic purpose and creative desire. Suddenly
meticulously aware of the offerings in the children's clothing market,
Michael and Uli came to a well-researched conclusion: even in the great
Big Apple, from style and fit to color choice and originality, dressing
their new baby Sofia left much to be desired. Surely there was more to
being a baby than pink and blue...

And so it was with desire and determination that Uli set out on her own
sewing machine, amid fabric swatches and color chips in the couple's
New York City apartment, hand stitching prototypes for the very first
Zutano clothing line. One small production run later, Zutano was
officially on the market. Colorful and comfortable basics - jackets,
leggings, overalls and hats - became the first styles of Zutano's now
classic Baby Basics. In a rainbow of just 6 colors, the styles became an
instant favorite in many New York City boutiques: Orders were
hand-delivered by Michael himself from the seat of a bicycle.

It didn't take long before the creative team outgrew their New York City
space and began searching for a location to lay permanent roots. For
Uli and Michael, now with their second little girl Ella, the calm, quiet
countryside beckoned; where a family, and a company, could grow
strong and healthy on green hills & fresh air. In 1991, the Belenky's
packed up Zutano and headed up North to an old farmhouse in Cabot,

Colorful new stripes & playful patterns were introduced to the Zutano
program from this new location. With room to spread out - and serious
customer demand - Zutano increased production, expanded its product
line and turned full attention to it's principle goal: to stand out in the
children's marketplace with clothes that are supremely comfortable,
utterly fashionable and uniquely fun. After all, babies can be stylish too.

Comfort and originality; sweetness with sophistication; classic structure
with a modern flare. Zutano's Baby Basics collection has matured
beautifully since those first 4 styles and 6 colors were chosen.
Produced today in the absolute softest 100% cotton, in over 90 solids,
dots, patterns, ginghams and stripes, Zutano is, as it always has been:
designed to be mixed and matched. Grand introductions and gentle
retirements keep the line consistently fresh and invigorating while
offering countless opportunities for coordination. Constantly tailoring
and streamlining the essentials: jumper, t-shirt, dress, diaper cover,
footie & body suit styles have since grown the Basics line to 13
individual styles. Coordinating accessories like reversible blankets,
booties, and even a striking plush bunny named Hip Hoppy (dressed in
Zutano's finest miniature outfits) can now be combined to create the
most lusciously colorful and truly unique layette set - custom matched to
reflect the individuality of any baby.

In 1995, responding to consumer desire for Zutano's expressive
designs in larger, toddler sizes, Zutano Collectibles was created. The
Collectibles line is a seasonal collection, changing faces every Spring
and Fall. Running in sizes from 6-12m to 4T, Zutano's Collectibles are
designed to compliment the Baby Basic's line with unconventional prints
and slightly more exuberant and playful body styles. As a collection,
Zutano's Collectibles tap into the energy and spirited personality of the
growing toddler.

Zutano Knits and the unmistakable Cozies collection followed closely
after. Zutano Knits offers a classic collection of sweaters and layette
sets. Hand-knit from mercerized cotton yarns, these seasonless
garments are the perfect layering addition to both the Baby Basics and
Collectibles collections. 100% cotton sherpa fleece is the main
ingredient of the Cozies line. Offered in 7 body styles and 4
accessories, the lush warmth and comfort of Zutano's Cozies make
them a must have for any baby braving the elements.

In the nearly 15 years since that first handful of Baby Basics rolled into
a few Manhattan boutiques, Zutano has maintained a purity of image
and conceptual consistency that ranks among the highest in the
children's clothing industry. The brightest colors, the most sumptuous,
high-quality fabrics, patterns and prints that embody the whimsical, and
a tireless love for everything BABY: Combined, these elements have
allowed Zutano to create some of the most diverse and outstanding
children's product on the market.

New babies really do change lives, and from day one Zutano has been
committed to giving every new baby the opportunity to express
themselves: colorfully, comfortably, and with an individuality all their own.

Zutano, clothes unique as your baby*

(this information was provided by Zutano)
*trademark- Zutano

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